About Us

Our research

Our research lines include the study of the determinants of the strength of institutions and state; the determinants of conflict and social violence; the study of the role of media in protests’ organization, electoral contests, terrorism, political communication, digital inequality (digital divide), etc.; the analysis of inequality at very small geographical units; the mechanisms to strength human capital as a tool to dissolve social tensions and rewrite social contracts; the relative role of political leaders and institutions in political decisions, conflict, etc.; and the issue of the collateral effects of conflicts and civil wars and, in particular, refugees and illness spreading through massive population movement by malaria infested areas.

A Few Words About

Our Team

Our team includes researchers of the Department of Economics and Business of the UPF as well as ICREA researchers, doctoral students and own personnel


Marta Reynal-Querol


Heads of areas

Ruben Enikolopov

Ph. D. Havard University ICREA R. Professor
Head, Political Economy of Mass Media

Marta Reynal-Querol

Ph. D. LSE
ICREA R. Professor
Head, Political Economy of Conflict

Jose G. Montalvo

Ph. D. Harvard University Professor (UPF)
Head, Inequality and Redistribution


Paula Bustos

Ph. D. Harvard University ICREA R. Professor

Caterina Calsamiglia

Ph. D. Yale University ICREA R. Professor

Antonio Ciccone

Ph. D. Stanford U. Professor, U. Mannheim

Ruben Durante

Ph. D. Brown University ICREA R. Professor

Aina Gallego

Ph. D. UAB
Associate Professor UB

Albrecht Glitz

Ph. D. UCL
Associate Professor UPF

Gianmarco Leon

Ph. D. UC Berkeley Associate Professor UPF

Humberto Llavador

Ph.D. UC Davis
Associate Professor UPF

Luigi Pascali

Ph. D. Boston College Associate Professor UPF

Maria Petrova

Ph. D. Harvard University ICREA R. Professor

Giacomo Ponzetto

Ph. D. Havard University Researcher - CREI


Andreu Arenas

María Calsamiglia

Grogori Galofrè-Vilà

PhD and Mres students