Institute of Political Economy and Governance

Seminars 2014-2015

Seminars will take place on Wednesdays from 1.30 to 3 pm, room 24.112 at the Parc de Recerca “Icaria” building, unless indicated otherwise. See map for exact location:

This is the list of seminars for this academic year 2014-15:

October 22

Allan Drazen (Maryland University)

Kosher Pork

October 27 – Job Market Seminar: 3 pm, room 24.326

Jeremy Ferwerda (MIT)

Immigration and Local Redistribution

October 28 – Job Market Seminar: 4 pm, room 24.300

Robert Braun (Cornell)

Religious Minorities and Resistance to Genocide

October 29 – Job Market Seminar: 3 pm, room 24.300

Pablo Barberá (NYU)

How Social Media Reduces Mass Political Polarization. Evidence from Germany, Spain, and the U.S.

October 30 Job Market Seminar: 3 pm, room 24.300

Dídac Queralt (NYU)

The Conservative Origin of Income Taxation

November 12

Thomas Fujiwara (Princeton) – joint with UPF’s DEE seminar LPD –

“The Runner-up Effect”, (joint with Santosh Anagol)

November 26 – please note different room, 40S01, Roger de Llúria building –

Shanker Satyanath (NYU)

“Cronyism in Ideological Crusades: The Case of the Argentine Desaparecidos” joint with Esteban Klor (Hebrew University) and Sebastian Saiegh (UCSD)

December 3

Jeffrey Timmons (IE Business School)

Revealed Corruption, taxation and fiscal accountability: evidence from Brazil” (joint with Francisco Garfías)

December 10

Andrew Eggers (Oxford)

“Electoral Accountability in Multiparty Contests” (joint with Nick Vivyan and Markus Wagner)

January, 28, 2015 – Job Market Seminar on Wednesday at 3.30 pm, room, 23.S05

Thiemo Fetzer (LSE)

Social Insurance and Conflict: Evidence from India

February 3 – Job Market Seminar on Tuesday at 3.30 pm, room 24.112

Thorsten Rogall (IIES, Stockholm University)

Mobilizing the Masses for Genocide

March 4

Donald Green (Columbia)  – joint with UPF’s DEE seminar LPD –

“The Impact of a Radio Campaign against Vote-Buying: Evidence from a Field Experiment Conducted during the 2014 Indian General Election” (joint with Srinivasan Vasudevan)

March 10

Suresh Naidu (Columbia) – joint with UPF’s DEE seminar LPD, please note different day, Tuesday –

Social Origins of Dictatorships: Elite Networks and Political Transitions in Haiti”  (joint with J.A. Robinson and L.E. Young)

March 25

Yotam Margalit (Columbia)

“Informed Preferences? The Impact of Unions on Workers’ Political Views”  (joint with Sung Eun Kim)

April 8

Ruben Durante (Sciences Po)

Attack When the World is Not Watching? International Media and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” (joint with E. Zhuravskaya)

April 15

Enriqueta Aragonès (IAE)  – please note different room: 24.009 –

“Imperfectly informed voters and strategic extremism” (joint with D. Xefteris)

April 22

Mathias Thoenig (Lausanne University)

“This Mine is mine! How minerals fuel conflicts in Africa” (joint with N. Berman, M. Couttenier and D. Rohner)

April 29

Leonard Wantchekon (Princeton)

“Education and Human Capital Externalities: Evidence from Colonial Benin” (joint with M. Klasnja and N. Novta)

May 6

Jim Snyder (Harvard)

Using Newspapers To Measure Power, With An Application to U.S. State Parties, 1877-1977

May 13

Daniele Paserman (Boston University)  – joint with UPF’s DEE seminar LPD –

“Gender Differences in Cooperative Environments: Evidence from the US Congress” (joint with Stefano Gagliarducci) (abstract)

May 20

Vincent Pons (CREST/Harvard Business School)

“Diversity and Team Performance in a Kenyan Organization” (joint with B. Marx and T. Suri)

May 27

Jens Hainmueller (Stanford) – please note different room: 24.S05 –

“Does Naturalization Promote the Long-Term Social and Political Integration of Immigrants? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Switzerland”   (joint with D. Hangartner and G. Pietrantuono)

June 3

Laia Balcells (Duke)

“The determinants of low-intensity intergroup violence. The case of Northern Ireland” (joint with  Lesley-Ann Daniels and Abel Escribà-Folch) (Abstract)


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