Institute of Political Economy and Governance

Research lines

Our research lines include the study of the determinants of the strength of institutions and state; the determinants of conflict and social violence; the study of the role of media in protests’ organization, electoral contests, terrorism, political communication, digital inequality (digital divide), etc.; the analysis of inequality at very small geographical units; the mechanisms to strength human capital as a tool to dissolve social tensions and rewrite social contracts; the relative role of political leaders and institutions in political decisions, conflict, etc.; and the issue of the collateral effects of conflicts and civil wars and, in particular, refugees and illness spreading through massive population movement by malaria infested areas. In particular, we organize our research activities around four research lines:

  • Political Economy of Media
  • Political Economy of Poverty, Inequality, Redistribution and Social Mobility
  • Political Economy of Conflict and Globalization
  • Political Economy of Urbanization and Climate Change